Software AG’s TrendMiner Latest Releases Enables an Analytics-Driven “Production Cockpit” for Process Manufacturing Companies

The Production Cockpit puts engineers, operators and management in full control of the Digital Factory anywhere on the globe

TrendMiner NV, a Software AG company, today announced the availability TrendMiner 2019.R3. This latest release of TrendMiner allows process manufacturing enterprises to build an analytics-driven Production Cockpit. The Production Cockpit analyzes the live production process, compares its progress to historical production runs and displays diagnostics, quality status and predictions to production operators or management through individually designed dashboards. It also streamlines the flow of information between shifts, from shift teams to engineers and can provide live production views and historical analysis from the most remote factory to expertise located anywhere giving them the power to make informed decisions rapidly. This latest TrendMiner release is of particular interest to companies in the chemicals, oil & gas, water & wastewater, utilities, pharmaceuticals, food processing and metals & mining sectors.

Analytics-Driven Production Cockpit to Control Business Outcomes

Organizations today need to have real-time actionable business insights to control operational performance. With TrendMiner 2019.R3, each stakeholder from "control room to boardroom" can have their own actionable Production Cockpit complete with dashboard, analytics suite and agile communications facilities. With this release, each stakeholder will be able to create and share a complete and LIVE overview of the status and performance of the production process.

When the current process status overview is extended with TrendMiner's advanced early warning capabilities, the Production Cockpit will provide operators the opportunity to act proactively and optimize operational performance before issues arise.

Extended Work Sharing

It's crucial to capture any type of event concerning the production processes, but it is just as critical that each team member is informed of such events to help increase performance outcomes, to mitigate the issues and to run an efficient and effective operation.

TrendMiner, therefore, is designed to keep each team member constantly informed with the latest information concerning the production processes. Team members can easily collaborate using TrendMiner by sharing work-items that are stored in the work organizer. In this release users can:

  • Share ContextHub views, DashHub dashboards and fingerprints.
  • Share stored and searchable comments on context items.
  • Share approval of context items and add shareable attachments to items.
  • Employ automatic attachments using TrendMiner's new triggering system, for example, automatic process reports.

Cross-Asset Performance Analysis

TrendMiner enables process and asset experts to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance through trend analysis of time-series data. TrendMiner 2019.R3 expands on this capability by offering fleet-wide asset performance assessment through cross-asset value-based search and analytics technology. Engineers can now perform a single value-based search across an entire fleet of associated assets, to compare behavior from different areas of the plant or across multiple plant sites. Through the use of value-based criteria, the behavior of similar assets such as pumps, heat exchangers and valves can now be directly compared in seconds.

The results of such work can be used to create asset specific production cockpits that can be allocated, through TrendMiner, to the engineers that have permissions aligned with the corporate structure.

Operational Business Process Integration

Process manufacturing companies have many business applications for specific work processes related to production. In TrendMiner 2019.R3 it is now possible to trigger specific actions in business applications such as SAP PM, LIMS or Batch systems by using Webhooks. Next to e-mail notifications and automatic context item creation, Webhook triggers act automatically on configured TrendMiner monitors. By using Webhooks in this way, an early warning based on a golden batch fingerprint or best operating zone of an asset, can trigger a workflow action in a 3rd party business application to schedule a maintenance work order, for example. Besides disclosing information from various data silos through ContextHub, Webhooks enables integration of operational and business processes to improve control over business outcomes.

TrendMiner's new Production Cockpit capability and associated enhancements will help all stakeholders gain a full insight into production processes. With full insight comes greatly improved process control and the ability to make decisions work, every time. With these new capabilities all production related stakeholders can and will contribute to improved business outcomes. Through Software AG’s webMethods Integration Suite, all operational data across repositories can be used for analyzing overall performance and providing a holistic view in the Production Cockpit to control all business outcomes.

Further Information

Want to see TrendMiner’s functionality in action? Join our free webinar, “Control Operational Performance with your Analytics-driven Cockpit”, on October 17 and discover how easy it can be for stakeholders at all levels to control operational performances with an analytics-driven Production Cockpit. Register here today to learn how analytics-empowered process and asset experts can help accelerate operational performance.


About TrendMiner
TrendMiner, a Software AG company and part of the IoT & Analytics division, delivers self-service data analytics to optimize process performance in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, metals & mining and other process manufacturing industries. TrendMiner software is based on a high-performance analytics engine for time-series data that allows users to question data directly, without the support of data scientists. The plug-and-play software adds immediate value upon deployment, eliminating the need for infrastructure investment and long implementation projects. Search, diagnostic and predictive capabilities enable users to speed up root cause analysis, define optimal processes and configure early warnings to monitor production. TrendMiner software also helps team members to capture feedback and leverage knowledge across teams and sites. In addition, TrendMiner offers standard integrations with a wide range of historians such as OSIsoft PI, Yokogawa Exaquantum, AspenTech IP.21, Honeywell PHD, GE Proficy Historian and Wonderware InSQL.
Founded in 2008 and now part of Software AG, TrendMiner’s global headquarters is located in Belgium, and has offices in the U.S., Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.


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