Transforming the German software sector

Software AG is the second largest software company in Germany with over 4,800 employees in more than 70 countries and an annual revenue of approximately €830 million. For more than 50 years, Software AG's technologies have made sure that businesses across all sectors can fully network their operations and get better outcomes from their data.

Software AG's technologies, for instance, serve wind farm operators in networking and monitoring their wind farms or assist pharmaceutical companies in creating novel medicines.

Software AG has a vested interest in a powerful and innovative digital economy not only in Germany but also in Europe. Being the digital backbone for the economy and government, the company helps organizations drive their own digital transformation. However, this requires right policy frameworks. The company is stepping up its dialogue with policymakers, joining various initiatives and industry networks, and taking part in research projects that ensure a far more connected world in order to assist policymakers in making these framework conditions as innovation-friendly and practical as possible.

Building a strong data economy and enhancing Germany's and Europe's digital sovereignty are among its primary objectives. To achieve this, the company participates actively in various projects that focus on the creation of industry-specific data spaces, such as GAIA-X or the Mobility Data Space. It is also a part of the ´´Industry 4.0´´ platform, the main hub for the digital transformation in manufacturing. As part of the public administration's digital transition, the organization also offers guidance and assistance.

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