Measuring corporate sustainability 

The term "sustainable action" is no longer a trending concept in the corporate world. The pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have put more strain on businesses across all industries. Companies are required to operate financially, improve their efficiency, and act in a socially responsible manner while successfully reducing their CO2 emissions and resource usage.

Sustainability is the need of the hour. According to a Statista-survey conducted in 2022, nearly 40% of Germans believe that companies are in charge of resolving the world's environmental issues.

Software AG has created the ARIS for Sustainability package to assist businesses in better planning and even measuring their sustainability goals. It is available to its customers free of charge and includes ready-made process models, pertinent templates, reports, and dashboards for environmental, social, and governance projects. This package was created to assist businesses in better planning and even measuring their sustainability goals.

The 4 Ps of ARIS for Sustainability

By adding a fourth P for "Processes," ARIS for sustainability expands the sustainability concept of "People, Planet, and Profit," which is widely utilized in business.

This makes the following analyses possible. First: Companies recognize the impact of their business activities on people and can consciously act in a socially responsible manner. Second: They obtain an overview of resource consumption and resource handling. Third: Companies can review and continually improve their economic processes. Fourth, all data—from the definition of the strategy to the operational procedures—is connected to the knowledge of the sustainable processes.

                    "The transformative potential of IT to build ecologically sustainable enterprises can be fully realized only through process change, which will in turn result in the development of an ecologically sustainable society."

Dr. Stefan Siedel, Chair of Information Systems and Innovation, University of Lichtenstein

Sustainability is our future

Software AG is emphasizing its commitment to promoting and adhering to sustainable business practices by producing and making the free ARIS for sustainability package available.

The company joined the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the greatest global movement for ethical and sustainable corporate governance, back in April of this year. Hence, Software AG is dedicated to supporting and adhering to sustainable business practices in accordance with the ten principles of the UNGC. Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG said: "I am very thrilled that we can make our commitment to a fully connected and sustainable world visible by joining the UN Global Compact. Sustainability and economic success go hand in hand, as demonstrated by our Sustainability Program 2025. For the benefit of our world, our customers, and our staff, we aim to maintain our responsible behavior."

The ARIS for sustainability package will be followed by further sustainability projects. Software AG has finalized this by being a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

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