StreamSets Enhances its Data Integration Platform to Support Oracle Data Guard for CDC Ingestion

New capability further enables cloud analytics and reporting from production databases

StreamSets, a Software AG company, today announced support for processing change data capture (CDC) information from deployments using Oracle Data Guard. The support for this additional data source provides a reliable and efficient method for building data integration pipelines using CDC on production databases.

CDC allows data engineers to capture and propagate changes made to databases in near real-time, reducing the time needed to make new data available for analysis. This capability is essential for frequently-updated data or for low-latency data replication scenarios.

With StreamSets, data engineers can perform CDC information from Oracle Data Guard as an efficient means to replicate and synchronize data to cloud destinations such as Snowflake or AWS to perform reporting and analytics.

“Keeping up with the fast-paced demands of today’s data-driven world requires real agility,” said Dima Spivak, COO Products at StreamSets. “Organizations must be able to access, replicate, and synchronize their data securely and efficiently. This latest enhancement to our platform makes that easier than ever before.”

As a disaster recovery solution, Oracle Data Guard allows data engineers to keep a standby database in sync with the primary database in case of primary database failure, minimizing the risk of data loss and reducing recovery time, which is essential for business-critical systems.

For StreamSets users, this new capability allows users to replicate and synchronize data efficiently and ensure high availability in case of failures, which is a critical consideration when building CDC pipelines on production databases. These same pipelines can be leveraged with modern data platforms such as Snowflake to streamline reporting and enable analytics for data driven-decision making.

To learn about StreamSets’ latest capabilities, visit www.streamsets.com.

About StreamSets
StreamSets, a Software AG company, eliminates data integration friction in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments to keep pace with need-it-now business data demands. Our platform lets data teams unlock data—without ceding control— to enable a data-driven enterprise. Resilient and repeatable pipelines deliver analytics-ready data that improve real-time decision-making and reduce the costs and risks associated with data flow across an organization. That’s why the largest companies in the world trust StreamSets to power millions of data pipelines for modern analytics, smart applications, and hybrid integration.