Software AG presents ARIS for sustainability to measure and report on sustainability initiatives 

  • New free-of-charge accelerator package for ARIS is launched as the brand celebrates its 30th birthday

Darmstadt, Germany – Software AG has today announced ARIS for sustainability, a new package that supports the planning, implementation and measurement of sustainability initiatives. This free package puts processes at the center of its customers’ sustainability strategies, helping to execute and making them verifiable and transparent.

Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG, says: "The challenges that organizations need to overcome on a daily basis require constant innovation and this is never more true than when it comes to sustainability. We need new thinking and fresh answers if we’re to collectively solve the universal issues we’re facing today. So we’re delighted to be standing side-by-side with our customers and helping them to address their sustainability strategies with greater visibility, insight and control. We’re bringing 30 years’ of business process experience to the table in this area.”

Processes for greater sustainability
The ARIS for sustainability accelerator package includes ready-made process models and ESG-relevant templates, reports and dashboards. They can be directly used in ARIS and connected with all company data already stored there — from strategy definition to operating processes. The package covers:

  • Assessments of sustainability maturity, operational readiness, and regulatory requirements
  • Strategic Insights for robust sustainability initiatives with concrete goals, KPIs and governance
  • Operational compliance, change management, roll-out, and audit-proofed confirmations
  • Tracking and reporting of operational and financial sustainability

The four "Ps" of ARIS for sustainability
ARIS brings a fourth ‘P’ – processes – to the popular "People, Planet and Profit" strategy. Sustainability only becomes real when it is translated into processes. ARIS supports in each of these areas:

People – by evaluating their processes, organizations can see the impact that their operations have on people and act consciously on social responsibility. Understanding the day-to-day working lives of employees can help organizations put better processes in place for their general well-being.

Planet – ARIS helps put carbon management or net-zero initiative processes under the microscope to gain full transparency of resource use and conservation, from energy to raw materials. Optimizing and tracking their efficiency enables informed decision making about how to improve and meet sustainability targets.

Profit – sustainable business value lies in a company’s operations. To remain operationally profitable, increase efficiency and boost long-term value companies need to look at their processes and continuously improve them.

In April 2022, Software AG signed the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the world's largest initiative for responsible and sustainable corporate governance. In line with the ten principles of the UNGC, Software AG pledges to support and comply with sustainable business practices and will align its Helix transformation strategy even more closely with the environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria in the future.

About Software AG
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Read more about our action plan for a truly connected and sustainable world.

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