The 2021 Software AG Reality Check

                Explore the 2021 tech predictions and trends that will have an impact in the near future

                Which trends will affect businesses in 2021?

Technology rarely changes the world, but how it’s used frequently reflects the way in which the world is changing. The desire to change through technology, the natural change of generational aging and the unexpected change in health and geo-politics combine to paint of picture of what’s next.

The Software AG Reality Check is our annual report that seeks to explore how these trends will be reflected in technology in the near future. Download the full report through the link below, or the data that supports it in the Software AG Situation Report.

                    01: Transformation?

Too many digital transformation projects are not "transformational" because of delays or loss of focus. The growth in digital investment in 2020 comes with a renewed urgency for change. Could we start to see more cases of technology helping the world around us? Might "transformation" actually mean transformation again?

                    02: Generation change

We have past several milestones in the growth of the Millennial generation in the last five years. This group of largely digital natives is entering the decision making level of businesses. As they make their mark on the companies they lead, we will see technology deployed and welcomed in new ways.

                    03: Resilience over Innovation?

The instability of 2020, and likelihood that it will continue in the future, have brought a more immediate and tangible need to change. Whether it’s geo-political, healthcare or economic, the factors testing your resilience are sizable. How can you stay nimble and roll with the punches of what’s next?