Software AG launches Process Mining ‘as-a-Service’

• New SaaS offering makes process mining more accessible for more businesses
• Will help businesses understand what’s working and what isn’t in their IT infrastructure

Darmstadt, Germany – Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) has launched ARIS Process Mining SaaS, a new cloud platform for its popular process mining tool. This will help businesses understand and fix process bottlenecks and inefficiencies in order to make their organization work more efficiently. ARIS Process Mining is easily accessed through the cloud and easy to use for those with no technical background. Anyone with basic office skills can begin to understand the reality of their department’s process execution in under an hour.

Process mining helps businesses to understand where their processes are working as they should and more importantly, where they’re not. By assessing every element of digital business operations, ARIS Process Mining helps users find patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement. Comparing intended vs actual process performance helps to see if they’re executing as planned and make changes before the bottom line is affected.

“Every business faces an unprecedented number of challenges and it’s hard to know how to start tackling them,” commented Dr Stefan Sigg, CPO, Software AG. “Estimates for global IT spending have been revised down, and various research suggests that companies are struggling to get value from their investments. One reason is often a lack of analytical insights into core business processes. Process Mining is designed to identify efficiency gains and other immediate performance improvements with a direct return on investment. When the pressure is on to make changes, what’s more fundamental than having the whole picture?”

ARIS Process Mining SaaS is based on a cloud infrastructure and has revamped the user interface, and with it the user-experience. It helps businesses who want to start using process mining, as well as making the service more flexible for seasoned users.

As an early user of the new product, Liam O'Neill, Senior Consultant at BPM-D, added: "Software AG Process Mining Cloud provides rich insight into operational data allowing you to analyse how the business actually functions, not just the best-case, compliant scenarios. Having this powerful process mining engine now available through the cloud increases visibility, access and the speed with which innovative ideas can be enacted."

ARIS Process Mining will now be available in three editions: ARIS Process Mining Basic, ARIS Process Mining Advanced, and ARIS Process Mining Enterprise. Basic and Advanced have been made publicly available via the ARIS Cloud. Basic is available free of charge to allow those new to process mining an opportunity to test out the tools.

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