Software AG and Cotham Technologies partner to boost mobile app development for IoT

• Speeds ups rollout of apps and slashes cost of ownership
• Combines Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT and Cotham’s FloFrame

Software AG (Frankfurt, MDAX: SOW) and Cotham Technologies have partnered to make native mobile app development for the Internet of Things (IoT) quicker and more cost-effective for any business. Customers of this partnership will cut mobile app development time by up to 90% and costs by up to 70%, thanks to a unique no-code platform approach. The speed and agility that businesses can gain in launching new services will help them win on the battleground of customer experience.

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT enables anyone who can use everyday office productivity apps to create their own IoT solution in minutes. Cotham Technologies’ FloFrame development platform reinvents the ‘no-code’ approach to developing apps to manage networks of IoT devices. The combination of the two gives businesses fast and easy digital answers to their most pressing challenges.

Yasir Qureshi, Vice President, IoT GTM at Software AG commented: “Customer experience is fast becoming the differentiator for enterprises. As a result, our customers are asking more and more for mobile apps. Businesses are changing at an unprecedented pace because of the effects of the pandemic. To satisfy the need for digital and mobile, we’ve partnered with a company that’s recognised by analysts as one of the best mobile app development platforms. We can now help companies cut app development time from 6 months to 3 weeks. Recently we’ve seen 10 years of digital transformation in 2 months – so speed matters.”

Raman Mistry, Chief Executive Officer, Cotham Technologies, said: "Our strategic intent is to shape the evolution of mobile application development platforms. FloFrame creates a new frontier as the only no-code and native app creation platform, as a result our partners and customers can deliver superior mobile experiences. Our collaboration with Software AG rapidly created interoperability with WebMethods and the Cumulocity IoT platform by utilising our ground-breaking intelligent connection framework. Our partnership will enable us to help enterprises in their IoT transformation journey and adapting to the changing business paradigm, to maximize productivity, minimize cost and risk with a scalable integrated native mobile app solution.”

Cumulocity IoT is a carrier-grade device agnostic IoT platform. It is used to provide the online services for enterprise connected products like industrial vehicles, air compressors and demolition shears. Pre-integrating FloFrame allows enterprises to build mobile apps for their products which combine locally connected device and sensor data with that from Cumulocity IoT.

The partnership will help businesses to create IoT solutions more efficiently, easily and quickly. The benefits are not only in set up, however. Updates and refinements can be made quickly thanks to the no-code platform approach. This means that whether a business is looking to update its operations, or deliver new services to customers, it can be done exactly when it needs to be done. Individuals can even build and update their IoT apps, on their phones.

The Cumulocity IoT solution is immediately available for enterprise deployments. You can find out more here.

About Software AG
Software AG reimagines integration, sparks business transformation and enables fast innovation on the Internet of Things so you can pioneer differentiating business models. We give you the freedom to connect and integrate any technology—from app to edge. We help you free data from silos so it’s shareable, usable and powerful—enabling you to make the best decisions and unlock entirely new possibilities for growth.

About Cotham Technologies
Cotham Technologies is an innovative software company that reinvents app development through its patent-pending FloFrame technology, the only no-code platform that delivers native app solutions. FloPro, powered by FloFrame, is a breakthrough product that transforms the app build process, rapidly delivering high impact user-centric experiences, without compromising on performance and usability. FloPro creates a new frontier in mobile app development, empowering enterprises to accelerate digital transformations by integrating seamlessly with existing and future data sources, increasing app throughput, and shortening time to market. Cotham Technologies is headquartered in Bristol, UK. Find out more at www.cothamtechnologies.com.