Software AG announces webMethods.io, a Multi-Function iPaaS Platform

  • Promotes accelerated integration for all types of users from technology professionals to empowered business analysts
  • Combines integration, API management, and B2B in the cloud and on premises; unified runtimes enable seamless integration
  • Delivers freedom to innovate with a standards-compliant independent platform

Software AG (Frankfurt MDAX: SOW) today unveiled webMethods.io, a multi-function iPaaS which combines the low-code usability of Built.io with the high control of complex integrations and APIs in webMethods Integration Cloud. With an industry-leading set of 300+ supported connectors, webMethods.io integrates apps, data, APIs, B2B, and IoT devices.

Available on multiple cloud infrastructure platforms, webMethods.io eliminates the need for customers to perform upgrades, maintenance or fixes as they gain the cloud benefits of cost efficiency, speed, security and flexibility.

“webMethods.io delivers on our strategic vision for a unified integration, API, B2B and IoT platform”, said Dr. Stefan Sigg, Chief Product Officer of Software AG. “And with this release, we democratize integration by providing citizen integrator support and enabling organizations to reduce their integration backlogs by building intuitive services quickly”.

More than 4,000 global businesses, including 7-Eleven, Bosch, Chevron, Lidl, and Nissan, regard the webMethods Integration Platform as integral in enhancing their operational efficiency and delivering differentiated offerings.

webMethods.io enables professional integration and API developers as well as citizen developers to quickly create and publish solutions to a scalable cloud environment. webMethods.io delivers:

  • Increased productivity with an easy-to-use workflow UI. webMethods.io connects mobile apps, cloud services, social networking and devices via prebuilt integration templates and model-driven design.
  • Support for a wide variety of standards and protocols. webMethods.io has best-in-class API standards with support for REST, SOAP, oData, websockets, JSON, and GraphQL for API providers and consumers.
  • A platform for developers of any background. With modern node.js technology, FaaS and hundreds of SaaS connectors, you can connect any app, service or device without coding.
  • The ability to connect to any endpoint - data sources, services, applications and mainframes - faster with the largest set of supported connectors in the industry.
  • Cloud deployment of on-premises integrations in 3 clicks.
  • Seamless integration for multi-function solutions. webMethods.io Integration, API, and B2B rely on a common runtime that evolves without breaking.
  • B2B connectivity in the cloud with EDI standards support and partner monitoring.
  • Security and governance to protect assets and reduce risk in cloud-ready distributed architectures.

With webMethods.io, businesses can now use integration as the enabler for disruptive innovation in the cloud.

For more information on webMethods.io, see www.webMethods.io


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