Choose Connectivity over Complexity
Software AG simplifies the connected world. Our technology forms the digital backbone that integrates applications, devices, data, and clouds; optimizes processes; and connects sensors, devices, and machines. Software AG empowers complete connectivity for more than 10,000 organizations around the world, laying the foundation for faster and smarter decisions.

                Our products

WEBMETHODS is a multi-functional integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that integrates systems, applications, and business processes via application programming interfaces (APIs) or direct connections in a hybrid world of cloud and non-cloud environments.
STREAMSETS delivers data integration for sophisticated analytics. This empowers enterprises to better leverage and derive value from data that moves between local applications, data streams, SaaS applications, legacy storage systems, and the cloud.
ARIS helps organizations model, document and optimize their business processes—from strategy, process mining, and analytics to design and control. In addition, ALFABET enables enterprise architecture mapping and therefore sound decisions about IT investments.
CUMULOCITY IOT allows companies to connect and manage devices and sensors, develop IoT apps, and leverage and analyze IoT data—at the edge, in the cloud, or on premises. The platform includes real-time streaming analytics, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
TRENDMINER is a self-service analytics tool delivering discovery, diagnostic, and predictive analytics on the operational performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes.
ADABAS is a high-performance database management system for all platforms. NATURAL is the accompanying development environment and the basis of mission-critical software applications across all industries.
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                    2022 Annual Report

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