Change is now!
A corporate culture is defined by its employees. They make change possible by passionately driving innovation, sharing knowledge, and embracing values.
Joan van de Wetering

Managing Director TrendMiner, Hasselt, Belgium

… describes collaboration within the Culture Framework project team.

I’ve worked for TrendMiner, an analytics platform, since 2016. When Software AG acquired us mid-2018, I quickly recognized how rich the company’s mix of cultures and skills was. For one thing, people here come from many different parts of the world. Also, like me, many of them had worked for companies that were acquired by Software AG as well. I realized that this historically traditional German company had continued evolving over 50 years by embracing fresh ideas, perspectives, and cultures! This was a surprise–a positive one–for me.

So how do we find a single framework that works for everyone when there is such a mix of styles and cultures? The Culture Framework project team I served on together with colleagues from different countries, business areas, and functions examined this question. Our vision was to offer clarity on our key drivers, values, and leadership practices that would help all employees in their work with each other as well as with customers. While we wanted to provide direction, we also wanted the framework to offer sufficient flexibility to take different cultures, individual personalities, and styles into consideration. I believe this is the Culture Framework’s key message: Let it guide you, and at the same time, make it your own. Embody it, as it relates to your own experience, knowledge, and actions.

When it came to defining who Software AG is, we identified three Ps: People, Passion, and Products. Then we highlighted three I’s that stand for our core values: Inclusion, Integrity, and Innovation. No one must memorize the companywide meaning we assigned to these terms. Rather, we want everyone to think about them and what they mean to every individual as well as the teams. Software AG is and will always be a company of many cultures, which is fantastic. The new Culture Framework challenges and invites employees to contribute to our corporate culture, with their individual flavor based on Software AG’s purpose and values.

Shikha Agarwal

Solutions Architect Sydney, Australia

… shares insights on her employee journey and the high-potential community.

The three things that have been instilled in my mind since I was a child are always give your best, be honest, and be curious. Born and raised in India, my global IT journey started right after my graduate degree. Integration technologies formed the basis for my career and travel and periodic relocations were part of my work life. Things changed, however, when I became a mother and my ways of life had to change.

When my former boss invited me to join Software AG, I was quite nervous about the challenge ahead. With a toddler at home and no extended family to help out, it looked like a mountain to climb. Getting to know a new product, settling at new company, and learning to sell all seemed overwhelming. However, I also felt excited about learning something new and embracing this challenge. I was off to a start enabled by the network I built within the first few months, finding the right mentors, and by just being curious. Soon, I realized that Software AG is one of a kind; a company, which provides the right ecosystem for me to grow and at the same time maintain the balance between work and motherhood.

And here I am, five years later, now relocated to Australia. Every year has been a rewarding learning curve. At Software AG, I’m part of a diverse and international high-potential community, made up of passionate and energetic individuals who have the knowledge and skills to evolve personally as well as contribute to the growth of the entire organization with their innovative ideas. As an organization which puts employees at the center, it provides channels to express as well as execute your vision. If you are eager to learn and willing to step out of your comfort zone, Software AG provides the right ecosystem for you to grow. There are opportunities all around you, so, be vigilant–and be curious.

Rick Bennett

Partner Account Manager Reston, VA, USA

… discusses his work as ambassador for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A complete focus on customer success has always been my work mantra. We want our products to make customers happy but also to enable their success. If that is the case, customers are more likely to stay with us and refer other organizations. At Software AG, the concept of customer success has expanded significantly in recent years. But it can only be accomplished if people from different parts of the organization collaborate in project teams in which they can trust each other and passionately put forth their best.

I truly believe this works best when we embody diversity, equity, and inclusion—DE&I for short—in our company.

DE&I is my second mantra. These values have always been important at Software AG, but they’ve taken on a new dimension in the last two years. As DE&I ambassador, not a week goes by in which I don’t talk about these topics with colleagues, partners, or customers.

Why are they important? Because transparent DE&I communication leads to a culture of respect and understanding. Our DE&I team organizes panel discussions and training programs to share experiences and raise awareness. We cover topics such as why diverse teams are proven to be more successful; what disabilities people may have, including those that aren’t physically visible; or holidays and celebrations that are observed by different ethnicities around the world. The conversation has become more open about these subjects and many more. By being ourselves, we share our identities with our teams and build connection and community.

Openness creates a culture in which I can always show my authentic self: my skills, my traits, my identity … me as a person. I believe that this openness cultivates trust—within teams, with customers, and with partners. In this way, DE&I is becoming a cornerstone of customer success … and bringing my two mantras together beautifully!



At Software AG, we are proud of our strong corporate culture that embraces change.
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