Driving Integration to Connect the World
Software AG 2022 Annual Report
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2021: 834€ mn

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2021: 88

Software AG delivers integration technology for the truly connected enterprise.
Like our customers, we are transforming. We drive product development, evolve our corporate culture, and foster talent.
Our products enable our customers to create an environment in which systems integrate seamlessly, processes run effortlessly, and data moves freely. We deliver cloud-native innovation to our customers and strive for operational excellence and sustainability.
Learn how we are Driving Integration to Connect the World.
Interview with Sanjay
Sanjay Brahmawar has been Software AG’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for four years. It is therefore a perfect point in time to discuss four questions and answers about the past fiscal year and his plans for the future.
Tomorrow Starts Today
Connectivity is one of the biggest topics of our times. From business to sports or science, connectivity pervades and enriches every niche of society more and more each day. The following three Software AG projects illustrate how IT and digitalization are making our lives more sustainable, more diverse, and more exciting.
Connected Racing

ERA Championship is the world’s first all-electric junior formula racing series. High-tech IoT car connectivity provides data about races, car condition, and driver behavior in real time. A new age has dawned for next-gen drivers.

Digital Backbone
Industrial companies are under enormous pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption. The ETA Factory at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, is shedding light on the role digitalization can play, in cooperation with Software AG.
Forging the Path to a Smart Hospital 
Stuart MacLellan and his team are helping shape the digital transformation of South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) believes that, aside from technology, what counts most in digitalization are the people and the right environment that you create.

                    Choose Connectivity over Complexity

Software AG simplifies the connected world. Our technology forms the digital backbone that integrates applications, devices, data, and clouds; optimizes processes; and connects sensors, devices, and machines. Software AG empowers complete connectivity for more than 10,000 organizations around the world, laying the foundation for faster and smarter decisions.
Six Propositions on Sustainable Enterprise Digitalization
In 2022, Software AG joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest initiative for responsible and sustainable corporate governance. Business ethics professor Thomas Beschorner discusses why sustainability is becoming ever more important to companies and the role digitalization plays.
Change Is Now!
A corporate culture is defined by its employees. They make change possible by passionately driving innovation, sharing knowledge, and embracing values. On the pages that follow, three people report how they are perceiving and influencing Software AG’s transformation.

                    2022 Annual Report

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