Software AG and Dell Technologies Extend Partnership:  Joint plug-and-play Solution Offers Scalable, Powerful Quick Start to IoT Projects

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) has announced an extended partnership with Dell Technologies in which the company will bundle Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT Edge with a selection of Dell’s servers. This will provide a joint plug-and-play solution for rapid deployment and simple configuration for instant IoT. Cumulocity IoT Edge, powered by Dell Technologies, is a high-performance industry-proof bundle, combining hardware, software and services for the IoT which enables customers to connect, power up and start their IoT project immediately. Customers can connect any number of different end devices and sensors in just a few minutes. With features like integrated streaming analytics, preconfigured smart rules and field bus connectivity, it helps to create complex IoT solutions quickly and smoothly.

“We are thrilled to work with Dell Technologies to give our customers the ability to ‘start fast and finish strong’ with their Industrial IoT projects”, said Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG. “We listened to our customers when they said they wanted an easy on-ramp to IoT, already preconfigured and performance-tested. Along with Dell, we are freeing them up from development to focus on innovation and to create a differentiating digital business model.”

Chris Wolff, Head of Global OEM & IoT Partnerships, Dell Technologies added: “Software AG’s vision and commitment to helping its customers embrace digital transformation and adopt IoT technologies is truly outstanding and aligns to our vision; we are thrilled to collaborate with them as part of our IoT Solutions Partner Program. Our recently launched IoT Connected Bundles is part of our mission to simplify edge computing and IoT deployment, enabling customers around the world – no matter what industry – to build an open foundation that can scale to meet the demand of a digitally advancing world. Cumulocity IoT Edge is a purpose-built, telco-grade secure IoT platform that is based on distributed architecture; enabling Software AG customers to recognize value from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) safely and quickly, as well as stay ahead of the competition.”

Introducing Cumulocity IoT Edge

The bundle consists of Dell EMC’s innovative hardware, which secures and transfers data from sensors and production facilities, and Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT Edge, creating a user-friendly software appliance. It is placed at the edge of a network with connectivity to local IoT devices. The appliance prepares, filters and aggregates data before sending it onto enterprise applications or the cloud for further processing. It includes time-saving, industry-specific software solution modules, e.g., for mechanical engineering, manufacturing and/or logistics.

Dermot O’Connell, Vice President and General Manager of Dell OEM in EMEA, said: “The manufacturing industry plays a huge role in our economy and very often leads the way in the adoption of emerging technologies. With the release of its digital manufacturing intelligence suite, Cumulocity IoT Edge, Software AG can now offer the industry a complete solution that integrates, connects, and manages IoT devices, and analyses data in real-time to optimize business processes and intelligence. Powered by our rugged and innovative hardware, the joint plug-and-play solution is capable of connecting millions of devices rapidly, whether it is via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or on-premises. Our OEM division helps partners and customers turn ideas into market-ready solutions quickly and cost effectively – without sacrificing on expectations. Visionaries like Software AG are helping manufacturers recognize the power of IoT and edge computing, and the significant business benefits these technologies can help them achieve now and in the future.”

Cumulocity IoT Edge is a single-server version of the market-leading Cumulocity IoT platform with extensions and modifications that enable customers to do on-site integration of business apps, generate dashboards for operators, and control end devices locally and from the cloud. It provides a secure, reliable and scalable software platform for asset condition monitoring at the edge that can connect to the cloud, if required (a cloud connection provides enhanced ability and centralized analysis). Using the embedded Apama Streaming Analytics engine, high-speed streams of data from industrial machinery and digital industrial processes can be processed, which is the foundation for easy development of predictive-maintenance solutions. The uniform software architecture simplifies development and adaptation of Cumulocity IoT Edge to address specific on-site requirements.

Bernd Gross added: “As the number of devices on the edge grows, driven by the explosion of IoT and the deployment of artificial intelligence, it becomes more urgent than ever to have a high-performance solution that can connect securely and fast. With Cumulocity IoT Edge powered by Dell Technologies, you can connect any number of different end devices and sensors in just a few minutes with an extensive security layer. Cumulocity IoT Edge is enhanced with Cumulocity’s software-side (carrier grade) security mechanisms, guaranteeing protection of your enterprise and your customers. Problem solved!”

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